Thank You

I wanted to thank all of you who have followed my Lenten devotionals.

I have received very kind words and notes from so many of you telling me how the devotionals helped you during Lent.

This was not an easy project for me.

I do not consider myself much of a writer (although I am trying to improve my craft).

I am not sure what the inspiration was for me to start the Lenten devotionals, but I am very thankful that The Holy Spirit opened my mind, my heart, and my memory in way that led me to connect the scripture with you.

So what now?

First, I am going to take a short break.

Then, I look to start writing again next week.

And I have several goals that I will come with this blog.

Goal #1: The Weekly Scriptures

In my Lutheran tradition (and in many Protestant traditions)there 3 readings from the Bible (sometimes 4 if the Psalm is included) that are part of our worship experience.

I will share some thoughts on each lesson, every week on

  • Monday (First Lesson [usually from the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures],
  • Wednesday (usually from one of the letters written by Paul), and
  • Friday (the Gospel).

Goal #2: “Off The Clock”

I find God speaking to me in everything. From music to books to nature to television and all things in between.

And I want to share with you those conversations God and I have.

It could happen during an episode of Walking Dead, while reading a mystery novel, playing with my cats, or just swinging a golf club.

I never know WHEN it will happen, all I know is that it WILL happen.

My hope is that by sharing these “OTC” moments, you will be open enough to share your “OTC” moments.

Maybe there is a song that truly inspires you.

Maybe there is a poem that brings you to tears.

Maybe there is picture you hold dear that warms your heart whenever you lay eyes upon it.

Maybe…well…you get the point.

Goal #3: Church 2020

I am working on a few ideas/proposals on where I see the Church (both the Lutheran tradtion and the Church as a whole) can go over the next 7-10 years.

I believe this is a difficult YET exciting time to be The Church.

These posts take more time to write and develop, but I hope once you read them it will spur good conversation between you and me.

So now I ask a pretty important question:

Will you join me in this next phase of my blog?

Send a comment here on the blog or email me at or post a Comment over at Facebook.

I want you to come with me on this journey.

And let’s have some fun.


See you in a week.