Sermon for Maundy Thursday 2017: “Mind Your Manners”

Gospel Reading: John 13:1-17, 31b-35


Sermon for Maundy Thursday 2017: “Mind Your Manners”


A few years ago, I was invited to have dinner with the NC Synod Bishop, Leonard Bolick, and other Lutheran clergy.

Bishop Bolick is one of my favorite people, and I was so excited and honored at being invited I immediately called my mom.

She was excited as well.

But right before I hung up the phone she said something in passing that gave me pause.

In fact, what she said shook me to the core.

She said, “Don’t forget your manners.” Continue reading

Sermon for March 26, 2017: “The Bill & Brian Show!”

Reading: John 9:1-41

Sermon for March 26, 2017: “The Bill & Brian Show!”

Since we are still getting to know one another, I wanted to tell you a little about myself and my life before I became a pastor.
Before entering the ministry, I worked in radio.
I worked for several stations in Winston-Salem, Roxboro, and Raleigh.
I hosted nightly sports shows and weekly Trading Posts.
And through my career there were many people who influenced me.
There was Mike, Andy, Jeff, Dino (that’s a great name for a DJ), Ted, and Tim.
But there are two on my mind this morning that I want to tell you about. Continue reading

Sermon for March 19, 2017: “Sound The Alarm!”

Reading: John 4: 5-42

Sermon for March19, 2017
“Sound The Alarm!”

Let me start off by telling you what happened on my first day at the office.
By the grace of God, I was able to leave the house around my planned time.
And with a few stops along the way, I got to the office around 8:15.
I wanted to get there early to make a good impression and show how excited I am to being at St. Paul’s.
So I unlock the door, hands full with my backpack and breakfast, ready to take on the day.
And then I hear it.
That, my friends, is the church alarm. Continue reading